Does the Ford Escape Have Four-Wheel Drive?

If you are looking for a competent and powerful family SUV, the Ford Escape really can't be beat. When researching the best SUVs on the market, four wheel drive and all-wheel drive may be important features to consider. But, do you know how AWD and 4WD differ? And, which is better? Find out if the Ford Escape has four wheel drive, then visit Krause Family Ford near Atlanta, Marietta, and Canton to learn more!

What's the Difference between 4WD and AWD?

To help you with your SUV purchase, it's important to first distinguish the difference between four-wheel drive and all-wheel drive. Many consumers will get these features mixed up because they sound so similar. While they seem like they do the same thing, there are some distinct differences. 

Four wheel drive provides torque to all four wheels, all of the time. Also known as 4WD and referred to as "four by four," this system is typically used to handle the tough terrain. With four wheel drive, the driver usually has several options available to affect the operation of the drivetrain depending on the weather conditions they have encountered. With an equal split of power, the driver will easily be able to maneuver tough and low-traction situations. 

All wheel drive is similar to the full time four wheel drive in that is also sends torque to all four wheels constantly, however, all-wheel drive systems don't require the driver to set, or enable, the all-wheel drive. Instead, during a low-traction situation, the all-wheel drive will automatically kick in, giving you and your travelers the traction and grip you need to stay safe on sometimes dangerous roads.

The Ford Escape's Intelligent Four-Wheel Drive System

The all-new Ford Escape brings the best of both together. With an available four wheel drive system that continuously monitors traction and road conditions, it doesn't just check traction and road conditions every second -- it goes a step farther and checks it every 16 milliseconds and shifts accordingly. No need to continuously monitor and worry whether you should be in four wheel drive or not, since the Escape does it for you! 

The Ford Escape's intelligent four-wheel drive system will transfer torque from the front wheels to rear wheels as needed to ensure the vehicle is delivering exceptional handling and traction at all times. Unlike many cars with all-wheel drive, the Ford Escape's available four wheel drive can handle whatever you throw at it, on the road or off the road, bringing the toughness of four wheel drive, and the luxury that comes with all-wheel drive.

The Most Capable SUV: The Ford Escape

Along with four-wheel drive, the Ford Escape can tow anything with ease. In fact, the Escape Titanium has a maximum towing capacity of 3,500 pounds when equipped with the 2.0L EcoBoost Class II Trailer Tow Package. 

To tow with confidence, trailer sway control technology, auxiliary transmission oil cooler, and paddle shifters are included in the tow package. If trailer sway is detected, the system will automatically take measures, like applying precise braking or reduce engine torque, so you vehicle and trailer stay under control. The all new Ford Escape really is a well-rounded vehicle that can handle anything you throw its way.

Making the Choice: All Wheel Drive or Four Wheel Drive

Fortunately, when asking yourself if you should be looking for an all-wheel drive or four wheel drive SUV -- you don't have to choose. The Ford Escape truly merges the best of both worlds! 

To experience the power behind Ford Escape's intelligent 4WD, visit Krause Family Ford in Woodstock, GA. Our friendly sales representatives will answer all of your questions and help you find the new Ford SUV of your dreams. Browse our inventory of new Ford Escapes and contact us at 877-808-3640 to schedule your test drive. 


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