What is the Importance of a Coolant Flush?

Keeping your cooling system replenished with fresh coolant provides a multitude of benefits. Coolant, also known as anti-freeze, helps maintain your engine's temperature. A coolant flush is important for completely cleansing old anti-freeze and any contaminants and debris that have built up in order to keep your car running in tip-top shape. 

It's important to have a reputable professional complete your vehicle's coolant flush to ensure it is properly done. At Krause Family Ford, our experienced technicians will completely flush out any old coolant before putting any new anti-freeze in. This way, your old coolant won't mix with the new. Find out the benefits of a coolant flush and find the best place to get it done in Woodstock, GA.

Benefits of a Coolant Flush

A coolant flush removes rust and scale deposits which build up over time. This is important because these deposits can cause your engine to overheat and damage your entire cooling system, resulting in expensive repairs. 

Once your coolant system is flushed of the old anti-freeze, the new anti-freeze is added in. This new anti-freeze works to lubricate your automobile's water pump, which can help extend the life of your water pump. Plus, it will help you cooling system operate more efficiently because it prevents rust from building up in the water pump. 

Finally, getting a coolant flush will prevent the old anti-freeze from becoming acidic. This is important because acidic anti-freeze can damage the bearing in the water pump, the rubber hoses, and the aluminum components of the engine, leading to expensive repairs.

What is the Difference between Diesel and Non-Diesel Coolant?

It's important to note that diesel antifreeze and gasoline antifreeze differ from each other. Diesel antifreeze will not contain alcohol, like gasoline fuel line antifreeze. Diesel antifreeze cannot contain alcohol as it will dissolve expensive parts in your engine's fuel system. On the other hand, non-diesel engines require alcohol to work efficiently.

Find the Best Place in Woodstock, GA for a Coolant Flush

If you are looking for the best place for a coolant flush in Woodstock, GA, look no further than Krause Family Ford. Our experienced technicians have the know-how and expertise to take care of coolant flushes for both diesel and non-diesel engines. 

Every make and model is different and therefore is on a varied maintenance schedule, however, we recommend a coolant flush be performed yearly. Right now, we offer diesel coolant flushes for $169.95 and $129.95 for non-diesel coolant flushes. Schedule your quick and easy coolant flush in Woodstock, GA at Krause Family Ford using our convenient online form.

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