Diesel Injector Flush

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Whether you have a gas or diesel engine, the fuel injector plays a vital and central role, including:

  •         Achieving lower emissions
  •         Attaining higher torques
  •         Quieter performance
  •         Improved fuel economy

When the fuel injector is functioning properly, it sends an optimal atomized-mist that cleanly burns to get the very most out of the fuel. However, deposits tend to build up on the fuel injector tips, especially when fuel remains in the tips after the engine shuts off. Once this happens, the fuel cooks and is transformed into deposits that negatively affect your clean injector spray.

At the Krause Family Ford Service Center, we offer a long list of services to keep your diesel truck running as pristine as the day you drove it off the lot. Whether you're driving a Ford Super Duty, RAM 3500, or any other diesel truck, our diesel technicians are highly trained and skilled at performing a wide array of services, especially diesel injector flushes. Continue reading to learn more about the diesel injector flush service.

Why Do Diesel Injectors Fail?

With proper maintenance, your diesel truck will go several thousands of miles without any problem. However, diesel injectors can fail for many reasons, including

  1. Fuel contamination
  2. Poor fuel filtration
  3.  Non-OEM approved remanufactured parts
  4. Incorrect installation

In any case, you should never try to add gasoline to your diesel fuel to attempt to clean the fuel injectors. Although we've found several internet chat boards and sites suggesting it works, this is a bad idea because gasoline can alter the combustion qualities of your diesel fuel. Once this happens, it can strip all of the essential lubricating films from your diesel parts in areas such as the common rail injection system.

How Will You Know If You're Having Fuel Injector Problems? 

One of the most common problems with diesel injectors is when the control valve becomes eroded.  A functioning seal is critical for exact injector performance. If your diesel injector is eroded, you'll notice

  •      Problems idling or problems starting
  •      A loss of power
  •      Lower gas mileage
  •      Excessive smoke
  •      Hesitation when you put your foot on the gas
  •      Possible engine failure

If you experience any of these problems, the experts at Krause Family Ford can help. Our diesel fuel injector flush starts with a comprehensive inspection of your system for condition and cleanliness. Once we determine your truck needs a fuel injector flush, we'll use our proprietary cleaner to flush your injector of any debris, dirt, or buildup.

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Serving Woodstock, Marietta, Atlanta, Kennesaw, Canton, Cherokee County & Cobb County

Trust the diesel mechanics and technicians at Krause Family Ford to keep your diesel truck running as good as the day you purchased it. We are the leading diesel service center in the Woodstock, Atlanta, Marietta, Canton, Kennesaw, Cherokee County and Cobb County, Georgia. In addition to our diesel fuel injector flush service, we provide a long list of flexible maintenance and repair options based on your unique needs.

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