Diesel Engine Coolant Flush

Serving Woodstock, Marietta, Atlanta, Kennesaw, Canton, Cherokee County & Cobb County

The coolant system on your diesel truck is probably one of the most overlooked systems on your vehicle. You may drive your diesel for several thousands of miles without any sign of incident from your cooling system.  Eventually, you'll learn - either the hard way or the easy way - engine coolant maintenance is just as important as the oil change. As a matter of fact, the condition of the coolant in a diesel engine may be even more important than in a gas engine.

The experts at Krause Family Ford offer a diesel engine coolant flush service to help keep your truck running as good as the day you purchased it. Drivers come from all around the Atlanta, Marietta, Woodstock, Kennesaw, Canton, Cherokee County, and Cobb County area for our experienced diesel experts and world-class service. Continue reading to learn more about our diesel engine coolant flush service.

Why Perform a Coolant Flush?

A properly functioning cooling system will circulate coolant or antifreeze through your radiator and engine. This helps reduce the massive amount of heat produced by your engine. Whenever your diesel truck's coolant system fails to work properly, the heat from your engine can become so intense it can damage itself.

Gaskets can blow, heads can warp, and your engine can fail -all while your repair bill continues to increase exponentially. However, you can avoid all of this by having the experts at Krause Family Ford perform a coolant flush. We'll carefully inspect and flush your coolant system. Afterwards, we will replace it with fresh coolant to ensure your vehicle performs for several years to come.

Signs Your Diesel Truck Needs a Coolant Flush

Have you ever been stranded on the side of the road with your hood up and your vehicle spewing steam? Or has one of Metro Atlanta's blistering winters ever caused your vehicle not to start because the fluid in your engine was frozen? These are the few key reasons you should schedule a coolant flush for your diesel dual system at Krause Family Ford. How do you know if you need a diesel flush? Watch out for the following signs:

  1. Coolant or antifreeze pooling underneath your diesel
  2. Temperature gauge fluctuates between hot and normal
  3. Visible scaling and/or rust in the coolant or antifreeze
  4. The engine produces grinding sounds
  5. Hot maple syrup-like smell or steam coming from underneath the hood

Contact Krause Family Ford for Diesel Coolant Flush Service

Serving Woodstock, Marietta, Atlanta, Kennesaw, Canton, Cherokee County & Cobb County

Regular coolant/antifreeze flushes at Krause Family Ford can help prevent premature cooling-system corrosion, engine damage, prevent overheating, and prevent freezing. Our coolant system flush starts with a thorough examination of your engine cooling system and radiator. Then, all of the old antifreeze or coolant is removed from your radiator and refreshed with new coolant/antifreeze based on the manufacturer's specifications.

Give the Krause Family Ford Service Center a call today at 877-836-1429 or complete our online contact form.


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